Take the right action at the right time. Every time! 

Personalized Favorable Timing Calendar to successfully implement your most Common Business Activities:

  • Launch Campaigns
  • Sign Contracts
  • Submit Proposals/Negotiate
  • Marketing
  • Begin a New Job/Client
  • Sell Property/Business
  • Forge Partnerships
  • When NOT to schedule a critical meeting

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Business Feng Shui

Improve the flow of positive energy and make your space more powerful that allows you to:

  • Attract prosperity in the form of a better clientele
  • Increase sales and create sustainable money flow
  • Maintain inspired, productive and committed staff
  • Create a workplace that promotes health, harmony and balance
  • Have a sense of pride in your workspace, and therefore in your work!

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Business Astrology

With the 5 Elements Group Astrology Strategic Session, you'll discover:

  • A crystal clear, high level strategy for your business
  • How to Maximize the Value of your Talents and Gifts
  • Your Wealth capacity and how to grow it
  • How to consistently make reliable decisions
  • Enhance your business relationships with partners, clients and vendors
  • If you are better suited as an entrepreneur or an employee

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